Combat Cancer's Basic Training Manual

Your Soldier, Combat Gear & Documents, Registration, The Mission, and the Combat Cancer Map...


The Lieutenant recently received "orders" from someone who cares about you. So, your Soldier was deployed, assigned specifically to you and arrived at your doorstep, ready to serve on this volunteer mission. He readily accepted this assignment and he will be a loyal companion in the days ahead.

Your Soldier is a reminder that you are not alone in this battle; you have a battalion of friends & loved ones who will march along side you every step of the way. So, when you look at your Soldier, remember that you are surrounded by ground forces in An Army Like No Other. Operation: Combat Cancer!

So carry your Soldier along with you in your pocket or purse. Take him to your doctor appointments, chemotherapy or radiation sessions or he can simply stand guard in your home 24/7 as a symbol of strength, courage & determination.

While some may only see him as a little toy soldier, he is so much more than that. Moreover, your Soldier gives you something to hold on to, literally and figuratively, during your battle to defeat the enemy.

Combat Gear & Documents:   Your Soldier arrived with a pink or camo bandana & wristband, a pewter Soldier charm, the verse An Army Like No Other, a copy of his orders, Military Service Record, the Basic Training Manual & a letter from our Lieutenant. All an integral part of our mission providing you with total 'ground support' while you battle the invading forces within.

A Mission of Research & Destroy:   One major aspect of our mission is RESEARCH to find a cure and DESTROY cancer once and forever. So, for every Soldier deployed a small contribution is made to Combat Cancer. Those proceeds, then, go to research labs where Soldiers in white coats fight a battle of their own with slides, test tubes and microscopes. We just sent a check to the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute where some incredible work is being done.

How to Register Your Soldier:   To register your Soldier, just go online to the Combat Cancer Base Camp at Web Address:

Click on the "Registration" tab at the top of the screen. You'll be asked to give your Soldier a name, a rank and his geographical location. We don't need your actual street address, just your city, state & zip.

At registration give your Soldier an inspirational name, i.e., Captain Courageous or any name you choose. Also, choose whatever rank you want your Soldier to have -- Private 1st Class, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Commander or General.

Complete the 7 items listed, then, click "Submit Form". Now you will be able to see your name and your Soldier's name on our Combat Cancer World Map! He'll be pinned at your current location based on your your zipcode.

Of course, registration is optional but we'd love to have every Soldier's name included on our Combat Cancer World Map and the only way to accomplish that is to register your Soldier. We do not share your info with anyone, this, we promise.


Once your Soldier is registered, he will forever be on "Active Duty" standing guard on our Combat Cancer Map with all the other troops who have joined our mission.

At the Map, you will be able to see all the Combat Cancer Soldiers parachuting in as they are dropped into battle. We have the capability to deploy our Soldiers anywhere with little warning and place them behind enemy lines ready for action. As you will see, they appear from "out of nowhere" and safely land at their assigned location, prepared for battle, in a matter of seconds.

To view your Soldier or, any of the other brave warriors like yourself, click the "Map" tab at the top of the site. The Combat Cancer map will appear. (if the Soldiers are huddled up, they're just discussing wartime strategies) so over in the bottom right hand corner, click the + sign to spread them out, continue pressing the + sign until they are all visible. Conversely, you can click the minus sign to bring them closer together.

Then, with just a sweep of your mouse over any of the Soldiers on the map, you will see, not only your Soldier at your geographical location, but also all the other men & women stationed throughout the world serving in this Army Like No Other.

The troops will reveal themselves to you by name, rank, city & state, as if to say, "Welcome, we are here fighting an all out war against cancer!" Grab the map with the little "hand" pointer by clicking your mouse & holding it down, then move your mouse left, right, up or down. This will allow you to view the map all points North, South, East & West to all corners of the world.

We even have a Soldier stationed in Uto, Sweden. Go & see if you can find him on our map!


Missing Soldier:  If ever you misplace or lose your Soldier, don't worry, he's not AWOL, it could be he just when on ahead to check on someone else fighting a battle of their own. Just email us ( and we'll deploy a replacement of your choice. After all, a good Soldier never leaves a man behind!

Deploying a Soldier:   If you would ever want to deploy a Soldier to someone you know battling cancer as well, go to our Combat Cancer Facebook Page LieutenantLindaWright/ and send us a message with the name and address of where you want the Soldier deployed. Tell us if you want their General's Pack in Army Green or Platoon Pink (for breast cancer). We'll respond with Paypal instructions for your contribution. If you don't have Facebook or Paypal, just email us at and we'll work it out, no problem.

Thank you for being a part of our battalion of troops stationed at An Army Like No Other!

TANKS for Your Support

Lieutenant Linda & Colonel Craig Wright
Norm K. Normal, Web Master Sergeant
P.O. Box 8314
Topeka, KS 66608

Base Camp: Facebook Page: FaceBook
Donations/Contributions: PayPal

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Headquarters

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