Your Soldier's Military Service Record

At Registration, after giving your Soldier his name & rank, you're ready to complete your Military Service Record.

Enlistment Date: The day your Solder reported for duty to declare war against your cancer.

Assigned To: Enter your name - the brave & courageous YOU!

Stationed: The city and state where your Soldier now calls home.

Distinguished Service Award: This space is reserved for those special dates when you clear a medical hurdle or receive a promising progress report.

Discharge Date: Enter the date when you are either through with your chemo or radiation treatments or when you are declared cancer-free or in remission. At this time, you can retire your Soldier but keep him as a reminder of your hard fought battle. Or, you can promote him for a job well done and pass him along to someone else who may be needing his support.

Note: If ever you misplace or lose your Soldier, don't worry, he's not AWOL, it could be he just when on ahead to check on someone fighting a battle of their own. Just email us and we'll deploy a replacement; a new one or a Soldier in the same stance as the one you had. After all, a good Soldier never leaves a man behind!

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Headquarters

Help us contribute to the American Cancer Society to find a cure for cancer.  Every soldier helps.