How To Deploy a Soldier

To deploy a Soldier to someone in your life battling cancer, there are two purchasing options:

1) March over to our Combat Cancer FaceBook Page and then click on the blue "Send Message" button. You can ask a question or simply provide information for where to deploy a soldier.
2) March over to our Combat Cancer Gear page by clicking on the Combat Gear tab above and order one from there.

Either way, simply give us the name & address of where you want a Soldier deployed. Specify whether you want an Army Green Pack or, for someone with breast cancer; a Platoon Pink Pack and we'll ship out a General's Pack before you can say "About Face, Forward March!"

Nevertheless, by ordering a General's Pack, your Soldier will be deployed immediately to your "wounded warrior". The Soldier is at the helm of our Combat Cancer campaign because he is a symbol of courage, strength & determination.

Per your request, either a green or a pink General's Pack is sent out when we deploy a Soldier. Front and back views of each pack are as follows:

The General's Pack - Green - Front The General's Pack - Green - Back The General's Pack - Pink - Front The General's Pack - Pink - Back

Why Should I Deploy a Soldier? When we are unable to be right there on the battlefield with our friend or loved one in this fight of their life, the Soldier represents your thoughts, prayers, love & support.

And, if you are close by, the Soldier is a gentle reminder that they are not alone in their battle and that you'll be there every step of the way.

Either way, as a gift, the Soldier gives them something to hold on to - literally & figuratively - and arrives with an inspiring message through the verse An Army Like No Other, plus your proceeds go to cancer research.

What's Inside the General's Pack? The General's Pack includes one brave, little Soldier with his Military Service Record & Transfer Orders from Headquarters, a Basic Training Manual, a Combat Cancer wristband, a camo or pink bandana, the inspiring verse An Army Like No Other, a pewter Soldier charm and a letter from the Lieutenant.

Why Two Colors - Green & Pink? The traditional Army Green Pack can be sent to anyone battling cancer, however, if you'd like to send a Platoon Pink Pack to someone with breast cancer, you have that option.

Cost The General Packs are $20 each (shipping and tax is included).

Where Do the Proceeds Go? We proudly fund cancer research; it's our mission to find a cure in our lifetime. At this time we are sending contributions to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation where they are doing some incredible work in cancer research.

What is the Combat Cancer Map? There is an optional and unique interactive aspect to our Combat Cancer Soldiers. Once the Soldier leaves our base camp and in the hands of your friend or loved one battling cancer, they can go to our Combat Cancer Website - at which time, the Soldier's name, rank & geographical location can be entered. After that quick & easy process, he will then forever be present on our Combat Cancer World Map where he will stand guard with all of the other troops who have joined our mission. Then, at the map, with just a swipe of the mouse, each Soldier, no matter where they are stationed in the world, will reveal themselves as if to say, "Welcome! We are on a mission, marching toward a cure - we will never, ever give up until the enemy is defeated!"

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Headquarters