Registered Soldiers Are Mapped

Find Yours!

Soldier Search:     Please refresh your browser if your soldier appears to be MIA or AWOL.

Zoom the map for more detail by either using the right-bottom '+/-' control or by using the 'Ctrl-key' and the mouse wheel.
Click, hold, and drag the map to change the area displayed. If you need to edit your Soldier in any way, please email or call us!

Cities with multiple Soldiers:
You may find your Soldier distant from your actual location because we disbursed the Soldiers for visibility sake. Since the Soldiers are laid out in a clockwise spiral arrangement, a new Soldier will be spotted at the far end of the clockwise 'spiral'. However, if you specified a street address, your Soldier will be spotted precisely at that address.

You may register a soldier by filling out the brief form under the 'Registration' tab.


If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Headquarters
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